While the world is dealing with many conflicts and challenges from extremism groups and authoritarian regimes, freedom activists from over 13 countries, including the United States, North Korean Escapees, Hong Kong, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nepal, Lebanon, Japan, Egypt, UAE, and India, gathered at the inaugural ceremony of the World Anti Extremism Network (WAEN) in Toronto and they shared insights, fostering collaboration and strategic alliances in the ongoing fight against extremism and authoritarianism worldwide.

The ceremony was officially inaugurated with keynote speeches by prominent figures. Li Schoolland, our Chair of the Board of Directors, shared her experiences and struggles as a survivor of China’s Communist Party brutality, highlighting the critical mission of WAEN in the current global context. Following her, our President, M. Abul Ahrar Ramizpoor, spoke about the Global Action Against Extremism & Authoritarianism and WAEN’s Vision for a Safer & Freer World. Additional keynote speakers included Jonathan Berkshire Miller, Director of Foreign Affairs, National Defense and National Security at Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI), who discussed Ways & Solutions to Protect Canada and the World from Extremism & Authoritarianism Ideologies, and Dr. Hassan Abbas, a Distinguished Professor of International Relations at the National Defense University, Washington, D.C., and a Member of our  Board of Directors, addressed Countering Extremism & Authoritarianism in the MENA Region and the Role of Think Tanks such as WAEN.

The ceremony also featured the presence and speech of our CEO and founder, Khalid Ramizy, who elaborated on our Initiatives for Countering Extremism & Authoritarianism. With over 140 participants, including representatives from partner organizations in Canada and the US, along with individuals from think tanks, research organizations, diplomatic missions in Canada, and the media, the event provided a diverse and engaged audience.

The World Anti Extremism Network was founded by a group of dedicated individuals and freedom advocates who have personally experienced the devastating impact of extremism and totalitarian regimes. They united in the United States and Canada with a shared vision and commitment to end violent extremism and authoritarianism globally, aiming to ensure that no individual or community is deprived of dignity and freedom. WAEN strives to dismantle barriers to individual freedom and opportunity and end radicalization that threatens stability and peace through the perpetuation of extremist ideologies.

Discover more about our programs and become part of our efforts to create a safer world for everyone. This event marks the beginning of a collective journey to promote liberty, democracy, and human rights and counter extremism and authoritarianism globally through a newly established international organization.

Many thanks to the Macdonald-Laurier Institute (MLI) for their support and partnership as content partner in this ceremony, as well as to all individuals and supporters worldwide backing our mission and activities.

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