The World Anti Extremism Network Courage Award is a prestigious recognition bestowed upon individuals who have demonstrated exceptional courage and made a significant impact in the fight against extremism and authoritarianism. This award celebrates their unwavering dedication, resilience, and outstanding achievements in countering extremist ideologies and promoting peace.

The recipient of the Courage Award will be selected based on the outstanding outcomes and tangible results of their work in combating extremism and authoritarianism. Through their exceptional efforts, they have shown remarkable bravery in challenging and confronting extremist narratives, fostering understanding, and promoting tolerance in their respective communities.

The recipient of the Courage Award will be honored with an invitation to the World Anti Extremism Network Annual Conference, where they will be publicly recognized and presented with the prestigious award. This conference serves as a prominent global platform where distinguished scholars, dedicated activists, and influential policymakers converge to share valuable knowledge, exchange innovative ideas, and foster collaborative partnerships in the ongoing fight against extremism.

In addition to the conference invitation, the Courage Award recipient is also granted a substantial financial prize as part of this esteemed recognition. The monetary reward aims to provide support and further empower the awardee in their ongoing efforts to combat extremism and authoritarianism and promote peace.

By highlighting the exceptional work and courage of individuals on the frontlines of countering extremism and authoritarianism, the World Anti Extremism Network Courage Award inspires others to take action and make a difference. It serves as a symbol of appreciation, encouragement, and motivation for those working tirelessly to create a world free from the grip of extremist ideologies.

Through this award, the World Anti Extremism Network reaffirms its commitment to supporting and recognizing the tireless efforts of individuals who demonstrate extraordinary courage in the face of adversity, driving positive change and making significant contributions in the global fight against extremism and authoritarianism.