The Safe Haven: Extremism Victim Support and Resettlement Program is a comprehensive initiative dedicated to providing support, rehabilitation, and safe resettlement for victims of violent extremism and authoritarianism who have been deeply impacted by extremism and authoritarianism. This program is specifically designed and supports community leaders, human rights and civil society activists and freedom advocates whose lives at extreme risk, preventing them from continuing their roles as freedom advocates and anti-extremism fighters.

The primary goal of the Safe Haven program is to create a secure and supportive environment where victims of extremism and authoritarianism can find support, rebuild their lives, and regain their sense of security. Through the program, we collaborate closely with relevant authorities and organizations in Canada and other safe countries to advocate for the resettlement of these vulnerable individuals, ensuring their safety and offering them a fresh start.

The program encompasses a wide range of support services, including psychological counseling, trauma-informed care, vocational training, and educational opportunities. We work hand in hand with experienced professionals and organizations to provide tailored assistance that addresses the unique needs of each individual.

Our dedicated team engages in ongoing dialogue and negotiation with authorities in Canada and other safe countries, advocating for the resettlement of extremism and authoritarianism victims who face imminent danger in their current environments. By leveraging our expertise and partnerships, we strive to secure a safe haven for these individuals, offering them a new beginning and the chance to rebuild their lives in a secure and supportive society.

The Safe Haven program operates under the belief that every individual deserves a chance to heal, recover, and thrive. By extending our support beyond traditional victim assistance, we aim to empower these courageous individuals to reclaim their voices, regain their strength, and ultimately become advocates for peace and tolerance in their new communities.

Through the Safe Haven: Extremism Victim Support and Resettlement Program, we are committed to providing a lifeline for those who have been subjected to extreme danger due to their dedication to freedom advocacy and countering extremism. Our goal is to ensure their safety, well-being, and successful integration into a safe and supportive environment where they can continue their journey of resilience and contribute positively to society.