The Knowledge for Change: Researches and Publications program is a cornerstone of the World Anti Extremism Network (WAEN), dedicated to generating credible research and valuable insights that can build awareness, and inspire and bolster action to end global extremism and authoritarianism.

At WAEN, we believe that knowledge and researches are the powerful tools in combating extremism and fostering positive social change. Through this program, we conduct extensive research on various aspects of extremism and authoritarianism, exploring its root causes, analyzing its impact on societies, and identifying effective strategies for prevention and intervention. Our research findings serve as a foundation for evidence-based policy recommendations and informed decision-making in the fight against violent extremism and authoritarianism.

In addition to research, we are committed to translating and publishing books that contribute to the promotion of a free society, peace, harmony, and the countering of extremist and authoritarian ideologies. These publications cover a diverse range of topics, including human rights, interfaith dialogue, conflict resolution, and the principles of freedom and social justice. Through our publications, we aim to disseminate knowledge, challenge extremist narratives, and inspire individuals to actively work towards building inclusive and tolerant societies.

Collaboration with renowned scholars, experts, and writers is an integral part of our research and publications program. We foster partnerships with leading academic institutions, think tanks, and organizations to ensure the highest quality of research and the broadest possible dissemination of our publications. This collaborative approach enables us to tap into a wealth of expertise, diverse perspectives, and innovative ideas.

Furthermore, we actively engage with policymakers, civil society organizations, think tanks, and the general public to share our research and publications, facilitate dialogue, and build consensus on the values of freedom, liberty, and peace to end global extremism and authoritarianism.