At the “Freedom Stage” program of the World Anti Extremism Network, we interview individuals who have experienced extremism and authoritarianism firsthand, as well as those who have ideas on how to counter these issues globally.

In this episode of Freedom Stage, we are honored to share our interview with Eunhee Park, a North Korean defector, freedom and human rights activist. Born in Wonsan, Gangwon Province, Eunhee believed for nearly two decades that North Korea was a world-class country. That perception changed when she first watched a South Korean drama depicting people freely expressing their love and enjoying basic human freedoms.

In her home country, Eunhee was beaten by police for wearing boot-cut pants and had her long hair cut with scissors in the middle of the street.

Eunhee has a powerful story and experience to share with the world about how we can combat extremism and authoritarianism globally. We invite you to join us and watch this interview, where Eunhee shares her firsthand experience of living in North Korea and how she is now living in a free society, enjoying all the privileges of dignity and freedom.

You can read the complete bio of Eunhee Park at:

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