In the face of extremism and authoritarianism, in many countries on the world the lives of human rights, civil society, and freedom advocates are often caught in the crossfire, rendering them vulnerable and in urgent need of assistance. At the World Anti Extremism Network (WAEN), we are dedicated to extending a lifeline to those affected by these oppressive forces. Our program, the “Safe Haven: Extremism & Authoritarianism Victims Support and Resettlement Program,” is designed to provide immediate aid and a path to safety for individuals whose commitment to freedom, human rights, and opposition to radicalism and authoritarianism has placed them and their families in challenging circumstances, subjected to violence, persecution, and injustice.

If you need urgent assistance or relocation to a safer country, please consider applying to this program by clicking the link below. However, due to high demand, we may not be able to accept all cases and support all individuals in need. Nevertheless, we are committed to making every effort to assist as many applicants as possible in collaboration with our partners.

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